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Education Publishers Conference 2018

“Mike Newell and his team is on a mission to help put money back into schools, founder and managing director of Procurement for Schools (Pfs). Mike is a recommended procurement specialist in 15 categories including Catering, Cleaning and ICT, Mike has helped schools achieve over 4 million pounds in savings within the last 2 years.

With a successful track record as a former Hillingdon Council Procurement Exec, Mike and his team has worked with over 100 schools and is passionately devoted to helping every school make the most of money saving opportunities, improving supplier performance and offering affordable procurement solutions fit for all budgets that give schools greater value” - Publishes Association


Achieve public procurement excellence with us

Tender Management

We manage the whole procurement process and supply base. This includes identifying opportunities that may add value such as the selection of bidders, managing any internal operations like the maintenance of policies and to achieve organisations objectives through effective communication.

Procurement Advice

Providing public procurement advice to help your school navigate the maze of public sector regulations and to ensure your school is staying compliant with the ‘Public Contracts Regulations 2015’ and all subsequent regulations.

Risk Mitigation

Prequalification and ongoing analysis of suppliers and activities within the supply chain to mitigate risks that could affect your tender, we will implement measures that can eliminate bidders that do not fit your needs and therefore reducing risk pre-tender.

Best prices & Value

Helping your school demonstrate best value via a competitive tender process.

Saving Time & Planning

Meet your strict deadlines and ensure each vital milestone is completed. It is best to always take the time to craft our tender pack and to adhere to a timetable in order to provide sufficient duration for each tender stage.

Evaluation Management

To help your Governors identify how your school is continuing to deliver best procurement practice to meet termly and annual targets.

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