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How we make a difference

Many schools do not have the resources and time to run a full competitive and compliant procurement exercise at anytime of the year to secure better pricing and quality for services and goods, but using us right now can help you create more savings so you can put money back into your school today. Every bit helps.

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School Visits

Visiting your school and working closely with you is the best way to get the most out of our services. You can develop new and exciting ideas on how to further save your school money with us. Why wait?

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Procurement Planning

We will create a clear tender timetable for you to accurately see how long each project will take and the milestones to reach. The average open tender can take at least 3 months to complete, not sure where to begin, why not get in touch today.


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Read our free articles and Schools Procurement insight guides that gives your school a head-start in planning your next project.

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Testimonials from Happy Schools

“Procurement For Schools has been a very valued service to Hillingdon Primary School. We have been given step by step support and guidance for the procurement of large contracts including Catering and Cleaning services. The methods used and analysis is clear, concise and transparent. Mike Newell (or staff/advisers) have a good knowledge of school services and how rigorous procurement processes ensure Best Value”.


Nahbila Sher

Business Leader at Hillingdon Primary School

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"I would rate Mike 10 out of 10 for the support and service he provided to Pinkwell. Mike was instrumental in the tendering process for the cleaning contract and extension of the catering contract. I could not have done it without him driving the process and informing me of the best outcome for the school. Keep up the professional and personal service you offer to schools".


Simone Whyte

Business Manager at Pinkwell Primary Academy School

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