About Us

We make school procurement easy and exciting

We give support to many schools across the nation and we are always happy to visit and find out how our experience can boost your schools ability to achieve smarter buying goals.

Who Are We

We are a team of former Hillingdon Council staff that are committed to serve schools by sharing our amazing procurement knowledge.

Our Mission

To make a positive difference and help schools achieve greater procurement and income goals. Our testimonials demonstrates our passion to give back to UK schools.

What We Do

We take the hassle out of the whole sourcing process and tendering for new services and goods. Our tools offer your school the power to test markets at zero risk.

Our history

Procurement for Schools Ltd was founded by former Hillingdon council Procurement Exec Mike Newell in order to continue delivering a valuable service that schools truly need right now. Mike and his team achieved outstanding results for the Hillingdon Council’s Schools Procurement department, major services for schools were improved including school catering and many other major improvements that schools continue to benefit from.

Common ways schools use us

School Procurement Advice
Extensive public sector buying knowledge 100%
Unlimited School Support
365 days reassurance all year round, any day 85%
Supportive School Visits
Tender & Supplier meeting support 75%
Time Saving Buying Tools and Resources
Accessing our buying portals and all tender documents 95%

Our 6 stage journey to achieve ethical sourcing



Visiting your school to discuss together how we can discover exciting opportunities to procure goods and improve services. This first stage can happen at any time that suits you when you join us. Do you wish to procure Catering, ICT, Cleaning, Photocopying, or something else? It just takes a simple email to book us into your schedule, it’s that simple.



Define the need and the goals your school would like to achieve with every project we collaborate on. You might want to improve school meals to a Food for Life GOLD for example. We recommend to procure for greater overall quality, it’s ethical and the way forward.



Developing all the necessary tender documents to achieve procurement success is an exciting and crucial step. All our tender templates are available for you to help design bespoke specifications, this is key to greater savings and accurate tender bids. We also use public compliant weighting formulas that allows your school to score Quality and Supplier Cost.



Your tender is launched via our portal and is advertised to suppliers to start engaging with your school. We will guide you through every step of the way and be on hand for any clarification supplier questions you may have during this process.



This is the most exciting part of the tendering process as you will be measuring each supplier bid by comparing quality and price. Don’t worry we provide every template and guidance to help you save time scoring each supplier proposal. Our public compliant tools will also give your school the power to demonstrate best value to your Governing body and easily justify the winning bidder with ease. 



Your preferred supplier will be identified and we can now award the contract, remember that we provide all legal documents to help your school stay in control at all times and we even prepare all the award paperwork to keep all bidders satisfied with the results. We will also support you with contract support to ensure supplier KPI’s are being met.

Why choose us?

Our public sector experience means we understand schools better than anyone else. Our positive track record makes us a perfect choice to give your school that additional support you deserve.

Say hello to the first and only annual schools procurement support that gives you access to our guidance anytime by simply emailing or giving us a call.

Not sure where to start with tendering, don’t worry our tender and buying expertise makes it very simple and easy for you to test the market. All it takes is a simple school visit to find out how we can be of service.

We have listened and understood how schools would like to raise extra funds, this is why we are introducing income generation solutions that can boost funding for your school.

We feel that your school deserves to win awards where procurement excellence is achieved. We only award certificates to schools that work towards improving quality of services and goods, for example better school meals. Awards are a positive way to show the LA and parents that you are committed to best value.

Access all of our frameworks anytime of the year, our frameworks are fully compliant and will save you time. We can tender to meet tight deadlines and we can even perform soft market testing for you before your school commits to any tender projects. 

Did we forget to mention that our support service is very affordable, you will be surprised at how affordable we make it for you to start working with us. Don’t miss out, get in touch today. Remember that this is an annual service so once you join our community you get full access without any hidden costs. Transparency is key.